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Application Periods | 2020

1st Pha​se - June 01-12

2nd Phase - July 10-30

3rd Phase - September 01-24​​

Master in Applied Psychology

The curriculum of this Master is organized on two levels. The first level (1st year) is characterized by a transversal and comprehensive training focused on problems and issues in various fields of Applied Psychology and involving the development of evaluation skills and intervention in clinical, psychoeducation, social, community and organizational. Taking into account the relevance of psychological assessment activities and research for the future professional practice and scientific activity, the 1st year also includes two courses focused on the acquisition of evaluation and research tools that focus on topics that are transversal to the different fields of application of psychology. The main objective of this training is to consolidate the scientific knowledge allowing a scientifically sustained psychological practice.

The second level (2nd year) aims at a more differentiated training, focusing on a specific area of professional practice of Psychology: Clinical and Health Psychology, Educational Psychology, Community and Justice Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Sport Psychology. It includes the completion of a traineeship and a master's thesis. In the internship, the training is oriented towards the development of practical activities in various community contexts, articulated with academic training and supervision at the University.

Main objectives for the Master in Applied Psychology:

1. To provide a scientist and practical training focused on problems and issues relevant to professional practice in the various fields of psychology;

2. To develop assessment and intervention skills in the various fields of Applied Psychology;
3. To provide a hands on education based on practical activities closely linked to the community;
4. To develop research skills in the various fields of Applied Psychology;

5. To prepare students for a professional career in the field of Psychology.


Admission conditions

Are admitted to the application in the course of study:

- The holders of the degree in Psychology or Psychological(s) Science(s);

- The holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a course of study in Psychology, organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State adhering to this process;

- The holders of a foreign academic degree to be recognized by the Scientific Council of the School of Psychology as meeting the objectives of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology. (recognition​ of the degree​)​

Selection Criteria

1. Applicants will be selected by a jury assigned by the Scientific Council of the School of Psychology, with the following criteria:

a) Final classification in degree;

b) The relevance and adequacy of the academic, scientific and professional/technical curriculum; (acess ​the fo​rm here​)

c) Interview. (The interview, in person or online, will occur only if it is necessary to clarify some data of the application proce​ss)​​​​


2. The component referred to in the preceding paragraph have the following weights:​

a) Final classification in degree - 40%;​

b) The relevance and adequacy of the academic, scientific and professional/technical curriculum - 60%;

​ ​
3. The final ranking of candidates will be expressed in a 0 to 100 scale, taking into account the above criteria. A score less than 50 points will lead to the exclusion of the application.
- Applications for this master are conducted online, through the Academic Portal:​​

Note: If the candidate has completed all course units leading to the bachelor's degree but do not have in due time the appropriate diploma (document assigning an academic bachelor's degree), it is accepted that at the time the application, the candidate submit a declaration attesting that situation. If accepted, this diploma must be presented at registration.

Master in Applied Psychology