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The DPBP intends to provide advanced training on both the theoretical and methodological basis of the study of the psychological and neurobiological processes of human behavior and cognition. It also intends to create the necessary conditions for the development and implementation of original and innovative research projects with a strong impact on the scientific community in one of the areas / research lines that support the Program (Human Memory, Psycholinguistics, Evolution and Decision Making, Psychological Neuroscience, Behavior and Animal Learning, Visualization and Perception), and to stimulate the scientific dissemination of the research.

Specifically, students who complete the DPBP should be able to: (i) Demonstrate a thorough and clear knowledge of the field of Basic Psychology in which their research project is been conducted; (ii) Demonstrate advanced skills in the use of different research techniques and paradigms used in the field of Basic Psychology in which the student's research project is integrated; (iii) Demonstrate ability to design, plan, adapt and develop relevant research, in accordance with academic criteria of quality and integrity, in the field of Basic Psychology in which its research project is been conducted; (iv) Complete an original relevant investigation, with international dissemination and publication; (v) Analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas; (vi) Communicate with peers, the academic community and the broader society in the field of Basic Psychology in which they have specialized; and (vi) Promote the social, professional and academic progress of Basic Psychology.​