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​​Óscar F. Gonçalves

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Óscar F. Gonçalves is currently Full Professor at the University of Minho - Portugal and Senior Research Associate at the Spaulding Neuromodulation Center, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital-Harvard Medical School - USA. He held faculty positions at the University of Porto - Portugal (Assistant Professor), University of California Santa Barbara - USA (Assistant Professor) and Northeastern University - USA (Full Professor and Chair of Applied Psychology). He graduated in Psychology from University of Porto and completed two doctoral degrees: one from the Counseling, School and Consulting Psychology Program, University of Massachusetts, Amherst – USA; and another one in Neurosciences from the Faculty of Medicine - University of Santiago de Compostela – Spain. He is a licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist with board certifications in neuropsychology and psychotherapy by the Portuguese Psychological Association (Ordem dos Psicólogos).   His core research topics are: Neuropsychology of Mind Wandering and Attention; Neurosciences of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


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Mário R. Simões​




ORCID: 0000-0002-1311-1338   ​

Mário R. Simões is Full Professor at Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação, Director of PsyAssessmentLab and PI of the Research Group Neuropsychological Assessment and Ageing Processes (NAAP) [] of Center for Research in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Behavioral Intervention (CINEICC) [] of the University of Coimbra. He is a licensed in Psychology and a PhD in Psychological Assessment with board certifications in Neuropsychology by the Portuguese Psychological Association (Ordem dos Psicólogos). He participated actively as a principal investigator of projects with external funding (FCT, FCG) and / or as a supervisor of doctoral theses and master's dissertations in research that led to the adaptation and/or validation of more than 30 tests and other (neuro) psychological assessment instruments for the Portuguese population (e.g., MPCR, WISC-III, WAIS-III, BANC, ACE-R, MoCA, TeLPI, TOMM) in educational, clinical and forensic contexts. His core research topics are: adaptation and validation of (neuro)psychological tests for Portuguese population and (neuro)psychological reports.



Jorge_Almeida.pngJorge Almeida


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Jorge Almeida is currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra - Portugal and is the Director of the Proaction Lab. He graduated in Psychology from University of Lisbon, and obtained his Master's and Doctoral degree from the Department of Psychology, Harvard University – USA. He is currently the PI or Co-PI in 4 FCT research projects, and is he PI of the first ERC grant in the field of Psychology in Portugal – ContentMAP. His core research topics are: Cognitive Neuroscience, object recognition, neural organization of conceptual knowledge, category specificity in the brain, and effects of neurostimulation on neural processing.


​Adriana Sampaio, MD, PhD, is Assisntant Professor and the Lab director of the Psychological Neuroscience Lab ( in the School of Psychology, University of Minho, Portugal. Her main research is in the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience, namely in the structural and neurofunctional and genetic basis of (ab)normal cognitive and emotional processes. In particular, using cutting edge technologies that combine morphometric with functional neuroimaging measures, her work aims to map specific neurodevelopmental processes associated with normal higher cognitive function and their age-related trajectories, by looking at the dynamic interplay between genetic, biological, and environmental factors that shape brain development. As part of her work, Adriana Sampaio has published more than seventy articles in ISI journals, collaborating with several research teams. She is the principal investigator of several projects funded by FCT and Fundação Bial. She was also awarded for her work in the area of research in Psychology.


Ana_Pinheiro.png​​Ana Pinheiro


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Ana P. Pinheiro is currently Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon – Portugal and the Coordinator of the Voice, Affect & Speech (VAS) Neuroscience Lab. She graduated in Psychology from the University of Lisbon, and obtained her Doctoral Degree from the University of Minho, having completed Doctoral and Post-Doctoral training in Clinical Neurosciences at Harvard Medical School. She is a licensed Clinical and Health Psychologist with board certifications in neuropsychology by the Portuguese Psychological Association (Ordem dos Psicólogos). She is currently PI or co-PI of several research projects funded by FCT or BIAL. Her core research topics are: neuroscience of voice/speech perception, psychosis and hallucinations, and the effects of sensory prediction on brain processing. 

Ana_Raposo.pngAna Raposo​


Web page: http://ww​

Ana Raposo is Assistant Professor at Faculdade de Psicologia and member of the Research Center for Psychological Science (Memory and Language Lab) at Universidade de Lisboa. She is currently executive director of the Mind-Brain College of ULisboa. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge and conducted postdoctoral research at Duke University. Ana is interested in the cognitive and neural bases of human memory. Her research combines behavioural and neuroimaging (fMRI) methods to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that support retrieval of past experiences and expression of knowledge. Her research has been funded by FCT and Bial. She keeps active collaborations with researchers at Fundação Champalimaud, University of East London and UCL.​