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Eugénia Ribeiro
University of Minho (Universidade do Minho)
Department of Applied Psychology
  Assistant Professor
Eugénia Ribeiro is Assistant professor of the School of Psychology of University of Minho. She completed her PhD in clinical psychology, at the University of Minho, in 1999. Currently, she is the Assistant Director of the PhD program in Applied Psychology- School of Psychology, University of Minho. She was the Director of the Master in Applied Psychology (2013 e 2016). She was the Head of the Clinical Centre of Psychology (2018 e 2012).
Eugénia Ribeiro is an effective member of the Society for Psychotherapy since 1997. She is member of the Editorial Board of two international journals: International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology e da Psychotherapy Research. She was Associate Editor of the Psicologia (Portuguese journal from the Associação Portuguesa de Psicologia).
Her academic career has been dedicated to the study of the therapeutic relationship, in a macro and micro analytic perspectives. In the last years, her research program has been developed around the therapeutic collaboration phenomena, based on the therapeutic collaboration model and the corresponding TC coding system (TCCS). Recently, she included, in her research program, a psychophysiological component aiming to articulate biological and psychological processes in the study of an effective therapeutic collaboration. In this line of research, she received a research grant from Fundação Bial (178/12).
Therapeutic alliance/ therapeutic collaboration
Synchrony between the therapeutic dyad
Qualitative research in psychotherapy
Psychophysiological correlates of therapeutic relationship
Selected publications
Ribeiro, E., Ribeiro, A.P., Gonçalves, M.M., Horvath, A. O., Stiles, W. B. (2013) How collaboration in therapy becomes therapeutic: The therapeutic collaboration coding system. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research an Practice. 86, 294-314. doi: 10.1111/j.2044-8341.2012.02066.x DOI
Coutinho, J., Ribeiro, E., Sousa, I., & Safran, J. (2013). The Development of the Therapeutic Alliance: Assessing Rupture Events Using Different Methods. Psychotherapy. DOI:10.1037/a0032171 DOI
Ribeiro, E., Fernandes, C., Santos, B., Ribeiro, A., Coutinho, J., Angus, L., & Greenberg, L. (2014) The Development of Therapeutic Collaboration in a Good Outcome Case of Client-Centered Therapy. Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapies. 13(2), 150-168, DOI: 10.1080/14779757.2014.893250 DOI
Ribeiro, E., Cunha, C., Teixeira, A.S., Stiles, W.B., Pires, N., Santos, B., Basto, I., & Salgado, J. (2016). Therapeutic collaboration and the assimilation of problematic experiences in emotion-focused therapy for depression:Comparison of two cases, Psychotherapy Research, DOI: 10.1080/10503307.2016.1208853 DOI
Stiles, W.B., Caro-Gabalda, I. & Ribeiro, E. (2016). Exceeding the Therapeutic Zone of Proximal Development as a Clinical Error. Psychotherapy, 53 (3), 268–272. DOI
Taveira, MC., Ribeiro, E., Cardoso, P. & Silva, F. (2017). The Therapeutic Collaboration in Life Design Counselling: The Case of Ryan. South African Journal of Education. 37(4), 1-12. DOI
Janeiro, L.B.; Ribeiro, E., & López Miguel, M. J. (2017). What is inside the “black box”? Therapeutic community residents’ perspectives on each treatment phase, Addiction Research & Theory, DOI: 10.1080/16066359.2017.1362693 DOI
Luís Janeiro, Eugénia Ribeiro, Luís Faísca, María José Lopez Miguel, (2018) "Therapeutic alliance dimensions and dropout in a therapeutic community: “Bond with me and I will stay”", Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, Vol. 39 Issue: 2, pp.73-82, DOI
Pinto, D., Sousa, I., Pinheiro, A., Freitas, A.C. & Ribeiro, E. (2018). The Therapeutic Collaboration in Dropout Cases of Narrative Therapy: An Exploratory Study. Revista de Psicoterapia, 29(110), págs 167-184. DOI
Ribeiro, E., Gonçalves, M., & Santos, B.(2018) How reconceptualization of the self is negotiated in psychotherapy: A study of the therapeutic collaboration. Journal of Humanistic Psychology. 1-30 DOI
Laura Moeseneder, Eugénia Ribeiro, John Christopher Muran & Franz Caspar (2018): Impact of confrontations by therapists on impairment and utilization of the therapeutic alliance, Psychotherapy Research, DOI: 10.1080/10503307.2018.1502897 DOI
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