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Pedro Rosário
Department of Applied Psychology
  Full Professor
   253 604 605
Self-regulated learning
procrastination and grit
Selected publications
Rosário P., Núñez J.C., Vallejo G., Cunha J., Azevedo, R., Nunes, A.R., Fuentes, S., & Moreira, T. (2016). Promoting Gypsy children school engagement: A story-tool project to enhance self-regulated learning. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 47, 84-94. DOI
Armanda Pereira, A., Moreira, T., Lopes, S., Nunes, R., Magalhães, P., Fuentes, S., Reoyo, N., Núñez, J.C., Rosário, P. (2016). “My Child has Cerebral Palsy”: Parental Involvement and Children’s School Engagement. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1765 DOI
Valle, A., Regueiro, B., Núñez J.C., Rodríguez, S., Piñeiro, I., & Rosário, P. (2016) Academic Goals, Student Homework Engagement, and Academic Achievement in Elementary School. Frontiers in Psychology, 7-463. DOI
Rosário P., Núñez J.C., Vallejo G., Cunha J., Nunes T., Suárez N., Fuentes S., & Moreira T. (2015). The effects of teachers’ homework follow-up practices on students’ EFL performance: a randomized-group design. Frontiers in Psychology, 6,1528. DOI
Núñez, J. C., Suárez, N., Rosário, P., Vallejo, V., Cerezo, R., & Valle, A. (2015). Teachers’ Feedback on Homework, Homework-Related Behaviors, and Academic Achievement. The Journal of Educational Research, 108, 3, 204-216, DOI
Rosário, P., Núñez, J. C., Vallejo, G., Cunha, J., Nunes, T, Mourão, R., & Pinto, R. (2015). Does homework design matter? The role of homework’s purpose in student mathematics achievement. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 43, 10-24. DOI
Núñez, J.C., Suárez, N., Cerezo, R., González-Pienda, J., Rosário, P., Mourão, R., & Valle, A. (2015). Homework and academic achievement across Spanish Compulsory Education. Educational Psychology, 35, 726–746. DOI
Valle, A., Núñez, J.C., Cabanach, R., Rodríguez, S., Rosário, P., & Inglés, C. (2015). Motivational profiles as a combination of academic goals in higher education. Educational Psychology, 35, 634–650, DOI
Rosário, P., Núñez, J.C., Pereira, J., Fuentes, S., Gaeta, M., Cunha, J., Polydoro, S. (2015). Studying while doing time: Understanding inmates’ conceptions of learning, British Educational Research Journal, 42,1, 151-167 DOI
Núñez, J. C., Suárez, N., Rosário, P., Vallejo, G., Valle, A., & Epstein, J. L. (2015). Relationships between parental involvement in homework, student homework behaviors, and academic achievement: Differences among elementary, junior high, and high school students. Metacognition and Learning,10, 3, 375–406. DOI
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Integrated Master
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Estudos Avançados em Psicologia Aplicada V
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