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Minho’s First International Advanced Seminar On Older Adults’ Mistreatment Back

Monday, 9/11/2017   
For operational reasons, the "Minho’s First International Advanced Seminar On Older Adults’ Mistreatment" will no longer be held. We apologize to any interested parties and hope to carry out similar initiatives in the future.
Aims: This meeting aims to join in Portugal, at the University of Minho, for the first time, health professionals, social workers and other professionals, which share the interest in the subject of older adults’ mistreatment. Regarding older adults’ mistreatment, the Portuguese professional has the experience both of some insecurity and some lack of knowledge and lack of training and reflection regarding their identification and treatment. This is largely due to the lack of opportunities for dialogue and training with other colleagues and with more specialized people. It is to this omission that this advanced seminar wants to respond, offering the contact with professionals and experts, foreign and Portuguese.

Recipients: psychologists, nurses, social workers, medical doctors and other graduates who deal with the elderly population; also students from the same fields.

José Ferreira-Alves
Tova Band-Winterstein
João Fundinho
Diana Pereira
Ana Carolina Santos
In collaboration with the Psychology Association of Minho's University, School of Psychology of Minho's University, Department of Gerontology, Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Sciences, University of Haifa and Portuguese Association of Psychogerontology.
APsi - Associação de Psicologia da Universidade do Minho
Telf. 253 604 245
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