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From the 2021/22 academic year, this educational offer is no longer available.

The Integrated Masters in Psychology aims to allow for the acquisition of scientific knowledge on the basic areas of the discipline, as well as for the development of deeper knowledge in the applied areas of Psycholo​​gy, including competencies for the use of methods and techniques of intervention and research in applied contexts. The first three years, designated by Basic Cycle, lead to the degree of Bachelor in Psychological Science, and focus on the study of basic psychological processes - their quantitative and qualitative properties, their biological and social roots, and their normative and pathological expression -, as well as on the techniques and methods used for their study, on their explicative theories and on the application of those theories to the resolution of human problems. The curriculum of the Basic Cycle is organized in five domains: Basic Psychological Processes, Neurosciences of Psychological Processes, Research Skills, Quantitative Foundations of Psychology, and Psychology: Science and Profession. The Applied Cycle, corresponding to the two final years, leads to the degree of Master in Psychology, and has a professionalizing nature, aiming at providing competencies of assessment, intervention and research in specific domains in which psychologists have been developing their professional and scientific activity. The curriculum of the Applied Cycle is organized in two levels corresponding to the 4th and 5th years, respectively. The first level (4th year) is characterized by a transverse and broad formation focused on problems and issues on various domains of the Applied Psychology, and involves the development of competencies of assessment and intervention on clinical, psychoeducational, social, community, and organizational issues and settings. The second level (5th year) aims at a more differentiated formation, focused on a specific area of the professional ​practice of Psychology: Clinical and Health Psychology, School and Educational Psychology, Justice and Community Psyhcology, and Organizations and Sports Psychology. During this year, the students carry out a supervised training and a master’s dissertation.

Bacherol/Master in Psychology