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The Master in Adult Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MACPP) aims to provide a solid, up-to-date theoretical and practical training, based on the deepening of scientific knowledge in the areas of adult psychopathology and psychotherapy, as well as a relevant and consistent empirical research training.

This master aims to provide students with opportunities for the acquisition and intensive training of clinical skills of assessment, case formulation, and clinical intervention with adults, using high-quality scientific-pedagogical methodologies and a formative path of progressive approximation to real contexts of clinical practice with adults.

It is intended that students develop processes of mutually informed scientific and clinical reasoning based on theoretical and empirical knowledge, ethical responsibility and on advanced clinical and psychotherapeutic skills of assessment, case formulation, and intervention with adults.

Given the focus of this master's degree in the most prevalent mental disorders in adulthood, consistent with the recommendation of the National Health Council for responses to mental health problems, it is anticipated that the graduates of this master's degree will be in excellent condition to work with adults diagnosed or at risk of mental illness,  and pursue a career in the domain of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, whether in psychiatric hospitals, in general hospitals, in primary care centers, in the national network of continuing care integrated in mental health, or private clinics or associations/organizations with psychology offices; or for those who wish to pursue a research career in this area, as well.

Master in Adult Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy