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The Doctoral Program in Basic Psychology (DPBP) of the University of Minho focuses on the study of the psychological and neurobiological processes of behavior and human cognition.

The DPBP is particularly aimed at students with strong interests in research and with solid training in the scientific bases of Psychology and / or related areas (e.g., Neuroscience, Biology, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Linguistics) who want to develop their research projects in one of the existing areas of research at the School of Psychology of the University of Minho, integrated in one of the laboratories that support the program: Human Cognition Laboratory, Psychological Neuroscience Laboratory, Laboratory of Behavior and Animal Learning, and Visualization and Perception Laboratory.

The contact of the student, from the beginning, with the research activities developed within these laboratories, as well as the flexible and individualized approach of its curricular structure / plan of studies, constitute the most distinctive characteristics of the Program.

Date of accreditation by A3ES: 24/05/2011​

Registration number: NCE/10/00171​