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The Doctoral programs in Applied Psychology and Basic Psychology will be replaced in the next school year (2022/23) by a Doctoral (PhD) Program in Psychology, recently approved by A3ES, with eight areas of specialization, which correspond to the laboratories of the Center for Research in Psychology. Namely: Learning and Animal Behaviour; Human Cognition; Development and psychopathology; Psychological neuroscience; Psychotherapy and psychopathology; Learning, education and career; Health, well-being and performance; and Victims, offenders and justice system.


The application process, soon to be open, is in all aspects similar to the application process for the programmes that will now be replaced. 



To be eligible to apply for the PhD Program in Psychology, a candidate should have: a) A Master's degree or legal equivalent; b) An academic degree with at least 300ECTS; or c) A Curriculum Vitae (CV; academic, scientific or professional) recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out the PhD by the School's Scientific Council.


The candidate must submit a research project in one of the domains of psychology that are covered by this program. Before submitting the research project as part of their application, applicants should discuss it with the supervisor, given that the students will be integrated in research teams, and their application must be approved by a supervisor.

New Psychology PhD