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​The main objective of the Master in Educational Psychology Themes is to allow the students to deepen the topics of the area of Educational Psychology with which they have not had enough contact in their previous training and which they consider useful for the understanding of the individuals and of the contexts in which they carry out their activities. It is also expected that the students get an in-depth perspective of the different kinds of intervention in educational, school and learning contexts, based on solid theoretical references. This may allow professionals to guide their practices by the best available evidence available in the specialized literature. As can be expected from this description, this master program is designed mainly for professionals although non-professionals are also admitted. The unity of the curricular structure of the program is ensured by a curriculum design whose topics fall in the specific area of Educational Psychology. Having Educational Psychology as a reference and organizer of the program structure, the curricular units were conceived to attract students that work in educational contexts but that may hold different thematic interests (e. g., psychologists, teachers, health and sport professionals, social educators). The program courses thus seeks to reflect both sound disciplinary coherence and deliberate thematic diversity.​​
Master in Educational Psychology Themes