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Victimology and Justice System​​


Our research team consists of researchers, master's and doctoral students, who have dedicated scientific attention to the area of Victimology. Led by professor Marlene Matos, this team has been studying various phenomena related to the field of Victimology, in particular, intimate partner violence against women and men, multiple victimization, stalking, dating violence and intimate homicide (against men and women). In recent years, this team has also given special attention to human trafficking. This line of research has revealed a high applicability. The developed works have resulted, for example, in guides of best practices for professionals in the field, such as manuals on group intervention with victims of intimate partner violence, stalking and criminal proceedings in cases of human trafficking. In addition, we have been focusing in less explored and innovative areas such as the case of male victims of intimate partner violence or cyberstalking. ​Currently we have several ongoing investigations in different areas and future research will focus on homicide in intimate relationships, on the study of violent dynamics in both members of the couple, and on the access to public less studied as judges or frontline professionals in the field.​​​​​